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Construction Sites Module

Construction Sites Module

The Construction Sites module in the Insidico application empowers users to meticulously oversee and manage all aspects of their construction projects. By centralizing all construction site information, users can efficiently organize their projects and reduce reliance on manual data management.

The functionalities of the Construction Sites module include:

Users can input essential details about the construction site, including address, start and projected end dates, description, participants, employees, and machinery present on-site.

This feature enables users to create and monitor work tasks allocated to specific projects or teams, enhancing work organization and progress monitoring at the construction site.

The application integrates project blueprints with work tasks, providing users with a visual representation of assigned tasks in the field, thus aiding in better understanding and task visualization.

The module facilitates the storage of crucial documents related to the construction site, such as building permits and technical documentation, in a centralized location for easy access and management.

Users can accurately record the working hours of each employee and track total hours spent on the project. Additionally, the module allows for monitoring the working hours of machinery utilized on-site.

Users can input information about material costs at the construction site, enabling precise tracking of The module enables users to input material costs, subcontractor expenses, and other relevant expenditures, facilitating precise financial tracking and project budget management.

Users can monitor the revenues generated at the construction site, whether from sales or service charges, providing insights into the project’s financial status and profitability assessment.


The Employees module in the Insidico application offers users a comprehensive solution for managing employee information within their construction companies. It facilitates the tracking of work hours, administration of documentation, and management of annual leave and sick leave.

Users can input all necessary details about employees, including their name, surname, contact information, position, and other relevant details.

This module enables users to monitor the work hours of each employee. Work hours can be displayed graphically to visualize total hours worked during specific periods or in tabular form for a detailed breakdown of hours by project.

Users can securely store relevant documents related to employees, such as employment contracts, payrolls, permits, or certificates. This centralizes document storage for easy access and management.

Users can input the cost associated with the work hours of each employee. This includes various expenses such as hourly wages, allowances, bonuses, or travel costs, providing a comprehensive overview of labor costs.

The module allows users to maintain records of annual leave and sick leave for each employee. Users can input and track used vacation days, aiding in effective leave management.

Vehicles and Machinery Module

Vehicles and Machinery Module

The Vehicles and Machinery module within the Insidico application offers users meticulous control over the tracking and management of vehicles and machinery used in construction operations. It provides comprehensive insights, facilitates cost and consumption tracking, and maintains detailed logs of driving or working hours.

Users can input all relevant details about vehicles or machinery, including brand, model, license plate number, year of manufacture, and other technical specifications.

This module enables users to monitor machinery usage effectively. Graphical representations illustrate usage trends over specified time periods, offering valuable insights into machinery efficiency and productivity.

Users can conveniently store all relevant documents in one centralized location, ensuring easy access to essential documentation.

The module enables users to monitor all expenses associated with vehicles and machinery, such as fuel costs, servicing, registration, and insurance. This feature enhances financial oversight and facilitates the identification of potential cost-saving opportunities.

Users can input accurate trip data, including time, mileage, route description, and purpose. These detailed logs are stored and can be reviewed to analyze vehicle usage for specific projects or construction sites.

The module allows users to record working hours for each machine accurately. This functionality enables users to track the hours worked by each machine on particular projects or construction sites, thereby aiding in productivity monitoring and machine deployment management.

Subcontractors Module

The Subcontractors module within the Insidico application empowers users to efficiently track and manage collaboration with subcontractors in construction projects. It offers detailed insights into each subcontractor, maintains a comprehensive collaboration history, and facilitates seamless documentation management.

Users can access a detailed overview of collaboration history with subcontractors, encompassing information about past projects, payments, and other relevant details. This feature enables users to track and analyze their business relationships with subcontractors effectively.

The module provides users with a graphical representation of payments made to subcontractors, offering a clear and concise visualization of expenditure over specific periods. This aids in cost tracking and financial analysis of subcontractor collaboration.

Users can conveniently store all relevant documentation related to subcontractors in a centralized location. This includes contracts, certificates, permits, and other necessary documents, streamlining document management and facilitating easy access to subcontractor information.

Construction Site Finances Module

Construction Site Finances Module

The Finances module in the Insidico application empowers users to meticulously monitor the financial aspects of their construction projects. It offers insights into costs, revenues, profitability, and overall project financial status, facilitating informed decision-making and efficient financial management.

Users can comprehensively track and analyze all project-related costs, including material costs, subcontractor costs, vehicle and machinery expenses, employee labor costs, and other relevant expenditures. This feature provides users with a clear understanding of the financial aspects of their projects.

The module enables users to monitor the revenue generated from projects. Users can access total revenue figures, revenue per project, and revenue breakdown by specific criteria. This comprehensive overview helps users gain insight into project revenue and aids in profitability analysis.

Users can use the Finance module to conduct comprehensive profitability analyses of their projects. The module offers tools for calculating profit or loss for each project, allowing users to determine whether a project has generated profit or incurred a loss. This feature is invaluable for monitoring project performance and making strategic decisions.

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